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We have relocated our factory to Wilderness. We no longer have a public showroom, but can still sell direct to customers that either are not in in an area with a distributor, or prefer to do their own installation. For Cape Town, please contact either GC Fires or Thermo Fires – both of them have stock on hand and provide a one stop service including installation.

GC Fires

Thermo Fires 

South African prices may be obtained by emailing us giving your location, and we will respond with a contact in your area and a pricelist.

All colours are available Plain, with African Mask or Japanese Medallion. Special colours and logos can be supplied to hotels, restaurants and lodges for orders of five or more.

We do sell direct from the factory; however, there is no price advantage. We have dealers in most major centers in South Africa as well as Namibia with specified retail prices based on the factory price plus transport and packaging. The dealers will be able to provide a more complete service as well as advise you on the installation best suited to your home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should receive unsatisfactory service or need any further information on our products.

81, Boven Lange Valley, Wilderness
Tel 021 715 3698