Fire Pit

Claim back your outdoor entertainment area during Winter, enjoy the smell of wood smoke on a Summer’s evening.

Made from durable, thermal shock proof NilThermTM with a hard wearing glazed surface both inside and out. The ceramic body stores heat like a hot rock and radiates a comforting warmth even after the fire has burnt out.
A closed, two-piece ash container makes it clean and completely safe to use on a wooden deck. The ash container and stand are powder coated to provide a long lasting and elegant finish that will look as good in ten years as it does when you first bring it home. And when all that relaxing makes you wonder what’s for dinner, the handy stainless steel grid offers at least one suggestion! Warmth, comfort and food in one.

The metallic black glaze used on the inside of the fire pit colours beautifully with every fire. The direct flames causes unique bronze patterns to form, imprinting the fire pit with the history of happy evenings. After cleaning the ash out the patterns will be very bright, the picture on the left shows a cleaned fire pit that has been given a wipe with a lightly oiled cloth. The high-fired glaze finish is very strong and you can use a kitchen scourer to remove any food drippings or wood resin to keep your fire pit looking good.