The Abbraaiviation

– a very small braai.

Homegrown ceramic table top braai.

Ceramic table top braai for dinner with a difference.

Ladies, you get to have Korean BBQ, just tell him it’s a braai.

Guys, you get to have a braai, just tell her it’s Korean BBQ!

Completely self contained product with no separate ash container needed. Non slip cork lined feet keeps things secure. This puppy is extremely efficient and a little bit of charcoal goes a long way. Hardwood charcoal is highly recommended. Use a ceramic tile or large wooden chopping board to protect your table’s surface finish.

For use on an undercover patio the fire can be started outside and the Abbraaiviation moved when ready to grill. Remember the oven gloves!

Available in three colors: White, Gunmetal Grey, Honey Brown

R2 050 incl. delivery to main centres.

Care instructions:

Empty ash before the level reaches the airvents. Remove the ceramic coal grate by hand and upend the braai to empty. The inside will discouler with use, but the outside can be kept clean by using a damp cloth with a little amonia cleaner. Wipe off using a clean, damp cloth. Avoid soaking the whole product in water as the ceramic is porous. The stainless steel grid is small enough to be washed in a dishwasher, if required.



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