Ceramic Fireplace

A ceramic fireplace aesthetically enriches the style of your home, which combined with their potent efficiency, makes it a beautiful alternative to the more common metal fireplaces. Made from tried and tested specially formulated clay, they won’t crack or lose their appeal, nor will they rust, smoke or smell. The main advantage over metal fireplaces, however, is their phenomenal ability to heat and radiate into the room long after the fire has burned low. 25 Years of production has inspired a dedicated following of satisfied customers who are delighted with the function as well as the total ease of ownership – the only maintenance required is to brush out the fine ash once a month. The success of these trend setting heaters has spread from South Africa to appeal to discerning home owners in the USA, Germany, Australia and the UK.

It’s official, our fireplaces are hot as hell!

Illustration by Jade Clara for a Mail and Guardian article on the afterlife

We have been manufacturing and fine tuning our fireplaces for nearly 25 years.

Thermal Capacity

The secret to the efficiency of the Earthfire firepot lies in the thermal capacity of the claybody. The firepot continues to radiate heat into the room even when the fire has burned low and will stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out. A metal fireplace has very little thermal capacity and quickly loses heat. Make a large fire initially to best heat the entire firepot – this allows you to make the best possible use of the ceramic material’s ability to store and radiate thermal energy. Once a comfortable ambient temperature is reached it is very easy to maintain, wood placed in the firepot combusts cleanly and burns down to a very fine ash. Dry wood optimizes the efficiency of the firepot and will also cause less harmful emission. Due to a combination of continuous draw and complete combustion of wood these fireplaces, unlike other open fires, do not smell at all. The only maintenance required is to brush out the fine ash every 15 to 20 fires.

We have been manufacturing and fine tuning our fireplaces for nearly 25 years. A few latecomers on the scene claim the same performance and resilience for their own products, some even going as far as pinching bits off our website! Sometimes it’s just best to stick to the original. Virgin Cola anyone?

This is no Chiminea

These fireplaces are impervious to thermal shock. Unlike the low-fired earthenware Mexican Chiminea, they will not crack from the uneven heating caused by a very hot fire.

Differential expansion causes heat stress in ordinary ceramic material, so why not in the Earthfire firepots? The secret lies in the unique clay body that has been scientifically formulated to achieve a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of zero.

The initial firing takes place at a very high temperature and thereafter the clay does not expand or contract at all. Each pot is numbered and is under full warranty for thermal damage.

Once a comfortable ambient temperature is reached it is very easy to maintain.

Ceramic Fireplace Accessories

The stands continually evolve, so the stand you receive may differ slightly from what is shown here (please request a photograph).

  • Stands and screens are optional and not included in the cost of a firepot.
  • Pot can also be placed directly on a fireproof surface.
  • Pot looks best raised 150 – 300mm above the level of the floor.


The firepots are available in two sizes and three standard decoration options: African Mask, Japanese Medallion and Plain (no decoration). In addition, the beach cottage – see picture on right – can be used and we provide custom decoration at an added fee.

For the Deep Red and White Raku pots the decoration is in a contrasting colour and for all other colours in the same finish as the background.



Firepot alone – 52x52x68cm, about 60kg
Packaged with stand – 60x63x86cm, about 80kg


Firepot alone – 45x45x61cm, about 50kg
Packaged with stand – 55x60x79cm, about 65kg



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