Installation Guide

Ceramic Fireplace

Installing your Earthfire is a relatively straight forward job, but there are several key aspects that may seem arbitrary to the general builder, fireplace installer or owner installer. These details are very important to the function and safety of the firepot. Failure to adhere to instructions will void the warranty and could result in a fire hazard. Please contact us if you are unsure about any of the details.

Like any fire place, the Earthfire firepot can be a potential fire hazard if not installed correctly, compliant with your local by-laws and building codes.(Part V of the National Building Regulations [SABS 0400] in SA). The chimney flue should pass no closer than 300mm to any combustible material without adequate insulation – 1m in the case of thatch. The firepot itself should likewise be no closer than 300mm on either side to combustible materials and 500mm in front.

Earthfire herewith specifically excludes responsibility for damages arising from whatsoever cause concerning the installation and use of Earthfire fireplaces. Take care of the lid during installation – it is most vulnerable prior to installation. It could get chipped if the edge is bumped carelessly against the pot. Take great care in insulating the ceiling and roof timbers from the flue, flue temperatures will exceed that of metal type fireplaces.



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