Ceramic Fireplace

The play of light on a mountain stream, the small details that lurk in every natural surface from bark to oxidizing metal – this is the story we strive to tell with every glaze finish. There is a perfect pot for every decor, whether you want a bold splash or an understated presence. The handmade building and glazing process ensures that no two pots are alike, small birthmarks are the norm and simply add to the character of your firepot.

View some of our options below:

More colours available on request – showroom will be updated once the range has been finalised.

Something blue to brighten your room. Bring the seaside feeling to where ever you are.

Warm earth tones for a cozy, natural look. Also available with African mask and engraving.

Lift your interior with this uncommon fireplace colour. Pure eggshell white or with warm, honey brown speckled trim.

A bold statement. Translucent deep red with darker shading. Also available with Mask or Medallion in bronze.

Uniform metallic black. Dark gunmetal grey tone with a slight oily sheen. The benefit of a ceramic heater with the traditional colouring of a conventional fireplace.



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