“Alex and I enjoy camping. A lot.”

We’ve always used the bottom half of a standard Pizza Oven as our campfire, strapped to the roof rack in a home made plywood box. It took an unexpectedly cold November cycling weekend in Ceres for me to realize that this could be an excellent standalone product. All the other campers were extremely impressed with the heat output, ease of use and neatness. Things that we have been taking for granted.

The Campfire was born! In our humble opinion, the best thing since fire itself. But I digress. We refined the original concept by glazing both the inside and outside of the bowl – if needed it can be cleaned to look almost like new. Most importantly, we added a height adjustable grid. Twenty cm of adjustment to be precise. At it lowest setting, it can support a potjie. The box is an integral part of the package. Sturdy plywood with lid and hand holds.

The Campfire is also perfect for picnics and small spaces like a patio or balcony.

If needed, it can be cooled down rapidly using water. No need to wait for hours before it can be packed away. The box also has room for your braai tongs.

With the Campfire, you can make a fire just about anywhere without leaving an unsightly mess of half burnt logs and blackened stones behind when you move on. I see far too much of this in wilderness campsites. The aluminium ash bowl that sits beneath the bowl also acts as a heat deflector meaning the majority of the heat is directed away from the ground. However, still apply good, safe practise and use the Campfire either on bare ground or,  if need be, a grassy field. There will be minimal damage to the grass, if any.

It is an excellent heater, punching far above its weight. Wood and charcoal is burnt efficiently and completely, not leaving much waste. The ceramic bowl stores heat like a hot rock and keeps the temperature high for longer. Perfect for those Kalahari winter nights.

Campfire Parts List:

  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Ceramic fire grate
  • SS Stand, braai grid and height adjustment.
  • Aluminium ash catcher
  • 9mm Plywood box

Camp Specifications:

  • Box: 450 x 450 x 230mm high
  • Complete packaged weight, incl box: 12kg,
  • Campfire weight, incl all accessories: 8kg
  • Height of bowl on stand: 240mm
  • Bowl dia: 415mm
  • Grid dia: 360mm
  • Grid height adjustment range: 0-200mm



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