Product Warranty

Limited 10 Year Warranty

This warranty shall not apply to any product that has been modified or altered, or that in Earthfire’s sole judgment has been subjected to misuse, negligence, improper installation, or accident. It is understood that the firepot and lid are ceramic materials. The warranty will cover any breakage due to heating and cooling of the ceramic material in normal use, but it will not apply to breakage due to expansion of an improperly fitted chimney pipe, throwing logs, or other objects, into or against the ceramic materials. The warranty will also be voided by water entering the firepot either by running down the chimney into the pot, or by water being used to put out a previous fire. All installations must have an approved cowl, fully functional rain seal and provision for heat expansion of the chimney pipe. In addition condensation and/or rain must not be able to enter the chimney at pipe joints.

It is also understood that Earthfire firepots, lids and stands are all handmade products, and that each vary somewhat from one another in colour, shape, size and finish. It is understood that variations in colour, size and finish will not constitute defects in material or workmanship.

The Manufacturer will not be responsible for materials, components, or construction (other than the wrought iron stand) that are not manufactured by the Manufacturer.

As a condition for making any claim under this warranty you, the original retail purchaser must have completed a warranty registration card in full and submitted it to Earthfire. It would help to facilitate any later claim if you do this at the time of installation.

If you did not receive a Warranty Card when purchasing your pot, please contact us with your postal address and we will send one to you.

Note On Properties of NilTherm

NilTherm is a proprietary ceramic material with a coeffiecient of thermal expansion of 5×10-8.  In short, this means that there is no differential thermal expansion of the ceramic material and therefore no cracking due to thermal shock. The material is also relatively robust and will withstand everyday use with ease. However, repeated impacts from roughly thrown logs can weaken the back wall. Use tongs when adding logs or ensure that there is no impact to the back when not using tongs. A pot already weakened by steam pressure will be much more fragile. See last paragraph.

If our guidelines for installation are followed and allowance is made for lengthwise expansion of the chimney pipe when hot, the firepot will give a lifetime of trouble free service. Please note that the pipe can expand either upwards and break the rain seal, or downwards – if restricted at the ceiling – and could put pressure on the firepot. This pressure could cause the lid or pot to weaken.

When hot, water has absolutely no effect on the firepot, in fact, during the Raku glazing process water is routinely poured over the pots while still at 600°C. However the ceramic material is porous and water that enters the pot when cold, soaks into the ash and then into the ceramic itself. When the heat from a fire causes this water to turn into steam while still inside the clay, the resultant expansion of the steam will cause hairline damage at the ash line initially. If not attended to, it could lead to the weakening of the entire structure. Any evidence of water, e.g. runmarks on the outside of the chimney, water marks on the ceiling or dampness of the ash when cold, should be attended to immediately.

Pizza Oven & Fire Pit Warranty

The pizza stone in particular should never be used when wet. This also applies to the ceramic fire grates of both the Pizza Oven and the Fire Pit. If it is unavoidable to use a wet oven or fire pit, start with a small, cool fire to completely dry the ceramic body. After 20 – 30 min of gentle drying it is safe to make a hot fire. Remember to empty the ash container of water before using the Fire Pit.

Both the Fire Pit and Pizza Oven are guaranteed against thermal shock damage, dropping or hard knocks, however, are not covered. We can supply parts needed, should an accident occur. Should any product fail due to an unseen factory defect, Earthfire will honour the warranty.

Click here to download/print the Warranty Card.



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